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Corporate Development

Escalade, Inc. invests in innovative opportunities to achieve long-term sustainable growth. The company balances its corporate strategy between external and internal growth opportunities. We drive long-term success by successfully developing diverse strategic growth platforms. We look for opportunities that are a strategic fit with Escalade and that are in markets with high potential.

Escalade, Inc.'s corporate development efforts employ mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, partnerships and licensing agreements to facilitate our long-term growth objectives. Specifically, we focus on strategic, bolt-on, and new platform opportunities that help enhance or expand our business and geographic footprint.

In the past, Escalade has invested in or acquired companies as well as formed joint ventures focused on new markets in sporting goods and outdoor recreation. We also seek new ideas, intellectual property, or licensing agreements that serve to enhance our business.

To further discuss mergers and acquisitions as well as other partnership opportunities, please contact Patrick Griffin at email or phone +1 812 467 1358.

Investment Criteria

We consider the following investment criteria when evaluating new opportunities

  • Provides the potential to gain market leadership position
  • Focuses on high growth markets, sectors, customers, etc.
  • Brings knowledgeable and passionate people to the team
  • Provides benefits or advantages (brands, patents, proprietary processes and technology, and sales & distribution channels)
  • Enhances channel competencies, distribution, and marketing
  • Provides quantifiable cost improvements
  • Protects with innovation and intellectual property
  • Leverages current sales force and sales channels with scalability
  • Applies to one or more of our strategic geographic areas
  • Leverages our existing expertise and competencies


Escalade, Inc. recognizes the valuable role intermediaries play in successful transactions. We work with intermediaries that help provide introductions to extraordinary sporting goods, outdoor recreation, and other similar opportunities. Escalade compensates intermediaries appropriately for introductions, where the seller is not obligated to compensate the intermediary, and aims to be a resource to help intermediaries efficiently source opportunities. If you are an intermediary that is interested in facilitating introductions to appropriate opportunities, then please contact us. We welcome the opportunity to discuss appropriate compensation as well as provide any other relevant resources.

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