Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy

Idea Submission

We want to make it simple to share your ideas with us if you choose to do so. Please follow the outlined steps to prepare your idea submission to Escalade Inc.


Before submitting your idea to Escalade Inc., think about it carefully. Is it really something new and unique? Can it be documented clearly? While all submissions will be reviewed, there is a big difference between an idea and a concept. Escalade appreciates thoughtful ideas that are truly ready for our careful review. We are more likely to give particular consideration to idea submissions that are clear and concise.

Escalade will not consider any ideas or suggestions for advertising, marketing campaigns, slogans, logos, brands, trademarks or similar items.


Please provide as much detail as possible to help us fully understand your submission. Along with a description of the idea itself, please include its purpose, how it works and its benefits. If you desire, we provide you with the ability to upload any documents necessary to help explain your idea, including graphics or illustrations, so that it is communicated as thoroughly and clearly as possible.


If you have been issued, or filed any application to receive, a patent related to your unsolicited idea submission, submit a copy of the issued patent or patent application.


After documenting your idea, the next step is to review your submission in accordance with this Policy. We look more favorably upon new ideas that are aligned to the company's business platforms, with a focus on providing products that bring considerable innovation to the market.

As you review your proposal:

  • Think about what differentiates your idea for a product or service from what is currently being offered by Escalade as well as others in the marketplace today. More information about Escalade's products and services is available at www.escaladeinc.com.
  • Try to figure out whether your idea is new or if something similar has either been created in the past or could be under development today.
  • Consider what the benefit would be to consumers, especially those who are passionate about that particular activity.

Submitting Your Idea to Escalade

Prior to submitting your completed proposal, take a moment to read our Terms of Submission. This document spells out all details of the submission process to ensure that all parties understand the process as well as their respective rights and obligations. You must agree to the Terms of Submission when submitting your idea to Escalade.

Escalade Review

Once submitted, the information regarding your idea will go through a review process at Escalade. Various groups throughout the company will review your idea and assess whether it is a viable idea for Escalade to consider pursuing. If we determine that your submission is an idea we would like to pursue, you may be notified within approximately one to three months of submitting your idea, although it may take longer and we have no obligation to provide you with any notice whatsoever.

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