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Aim for more. Popular from pubs to professional tournaments, darting is the ultimate game. Escalade serves the sport with a wide variety of globally recognized brands, making it the No. 1 market leader in the category. From Prodigy’s smart dartboard to Arachnid’s soft-tip darts to Winmau’s premium equipment, our brands set the standards that competitors aim for.



Exercising our innovation in the darting category, the Prodigy Automatic Bristle Dartboard System has been dubbed the smartest dartboard ever. It features patent pending biocular dart recognition technology combined with custom, state-of-the-art location algorithms, making it the most accurate smart dartboard on the planet.

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Accudart provides the finest quality darts at affordable prices. Escalade acquired substantially all the assets of Accudart in 2001, including exclusive distribution rights to the brand name Winmau, a leading name in dartboards.

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A world leader in darts since 1937, Unicorn allows players to experience in their own homes the same high-quality dart equipment—including boards, soft-tip and steel-tip darts —chosen by professionals.

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Arachnid is the originator of soft-tip darts and a leading manufacturer of electronic dartboards. The premier brand when it comes to electronic dartboards and accessories, upholding a reputation for quality and innovation that is recognized all over the world. The Arachnid trademark is a registered trademark owned by Arachnid 360 LLC and used by Escalade pursuant to a license.

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Originally founded in 1946 by Harry Kicks who named the company after his wife Winifred Maud, Winmau (pronounced “Winmore”) is the largest manufacturer of premium bristle dartboards and tungsten darts worldwide. Since 1997, the Winmau Blade series of dartboards has delivered revolutionary technologies that have set the standard in darts.

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Nodor, the inventor of the bristle dartboard in 1932, has always been at the forefront of darts innovation and technology. Manufacturer of precision-engineered dart sets and prestige dartboards — our technology provides you with the most advanced darting products available.

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Since 1976, DMI has been the leading manufacturer of professional quality dart equipment. It joined the Escalade brand family in 2013 when Escalade acquired substantially all the indoor assets of DMI Sports, a marketer and supplier of premium darts, billiards and table tennis equipment.